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Leading an IYI Global Team for Your Group

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IYI Global Teams are about supporting you as a leader as your build into individuals lives.  They’re about providing you as a leader with the opportunities to challenge your group to “live it out” while we support you resourcing and developing your group’s gifts  to seize the opportunities internationally.

Internationally, IYI Global Teams “plug into” the ongoing ministry in each country for lasting impact and ability to give your group the highest quality experience with the deepest results long term. And, as a part of the ongoing ministry internationally, your Global Teams experience will be uniquely created to maximize the passions and gifts of your group while making a real difference in lives of youth and families globally.

What Would An IYI Global Team Look Like?

There are no “standard” trips with IYI Global Teams. Whether it is a one-day Mexico outreach or two-week trip to the Dominican Republic or Haiti, each team experience is uniquely designed. Here’s more about how it works:

  1. We partner U.S. youth with international youth workers and their students on every team. This is one of IYI’s basic values.
  2. We match your group’s vision, gifts, and interests with the opportunities and needs of local youth ministries and churches.
  3. The majority of ministry sites teams work with are IYI partner ministries. Concentrating primarily on those within the local youth network, IYI aims to assist the church in each country. This broadens the opportunities for U.S. churches to have varied experiences while deepening the impact on national youth ministries and churches.

Ministry Site Opportunities

IYI custom tailors your global team experience based on the gifting of your team, your input, and the need internationally. Check out our current ministry initiatives for the ongoing ministry opportunities your group has to be involved in.

Making it Happen  Together: The Team Process

  1. Contact IYI about your desire to be a partner in reaching youth globally through taking a team from your youth group or church.
  2. IYI will gather the needed information about your ministry and the desired outcomes from the trip. This includes filling out a group application for your group.
  3. We then match your ministry’s information with the vision, needs, and opportunities of our partner ministries internationally.
  4. The ministry plan and trip details are then determined and we start the process of getting your team out into a world of opportunities. Team cost is based on the planned ministry experience, projects, and airfare.
  5. IYI will send you the needed materials for preparing and training your team so you can arrive at your ministry destination ready to take advantage of every opportunity.

Planning Now for Long-Term Impact

Your IYI Global team experience can be just the beginning of your involvement in the lives of international youth…read more.

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