Christmas Beyond Borders


Join IYI this Christmas in Mexico…

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  • Make a Special Donation to Help Mexican Families at Christmas

  • Donate Food Items

  • Join Us Saturday December 17th for Christmas Beyond Borders in Mexico!

    3 Ways to Get Involved:

    • Join Us on December 19th!

    • Donate Food, Toys or Blankets

    • Join Us December 13th for a time of preparation at Hope Community Church in Long Beach!

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    The following items are needed for a very special day…. Christmas Beyond Borders 2016!!! The day will consist of two parts. In the morning we will be serving breakfast. We will have a short Christmas program, a craft, and then hand out blankets, toys, and food to families. Then in the afternoon, we will be a having a youth family celebration. This time will include a dinner, games, some prizes, giving away more blankets and toys, and a special Christmas program. We need:

    -Your family and friends to join us for the day.
    We need your help with serving, handing out presents, being a part of the program, and more. This is a great way for your family to give together this Christmas. To Register: click here. Note that a passport or passport card is required.

    Donations Needed:
    Register by clicking here if you are able to bring one or more of the items listed below. Please include your phone number so we can follow up. You do not need to attend the trip to donate.

    For Families:
    – Blanket (You can put a Christmas greeting on a card and include it with your blanket. Leave the card open and we will have it translated into Spanish).
    – Children’s toys (these can be wrapped with an age and gender marked on them).
    – $20 (suggested donation) for food items that will be used for the distribution of food to families in need.

    Food Items needed for the Family Celebration Event/ Breakfast:
    Food items can be delivered to IYI uncooked before the event, or it would be more beneficial if the items were cooked and delivered in disposable containers.

    • Pancake Mix (6 large bags)
    • Fruit (12 large cans
    • 2 hams
    • 4 Turkeys
    • Mashed Potatoes (10 large trays)
    • Gravy (10 large containers full)
    • Dressing (5 large containers full)
    • Salt and Pepper
    • Corn (Four Large Trays)
    • Dry/Canned Food Items -For Families
    • Green Salads (8 salads)
    • Green Beans (6 large containers full)
    • Butter (4 large vats)
    • 300 sturdy paper plates
    • 300 forks, knives, spoons
    • 300 8 oz. Styrofoam cups
    • Syrup (3 Large Bottles)

    Clothing & Gift Items needed for the Family Celebration Event:

    • Children’s Gifts (under 8 yrs. Old)
    • Gifts (Eight to 14 yrs. Old)
    • Blankets


    If you are donating one or more of the above items, please fill out the following form HERE  or send verification to