IYI Staff

There is a growing swell of young people and adults saying “yes” to serving God in His global vision for this generation. With an overwhelming restlessness inside and expanding vision, they are willing to go beyond the boundaries of conformity. For a growing number, this means a life-altering path is before them.

International Youth Initiative internships and staff positions are about bringing this vision to reality, helping those who have a growing passion for God’s global plan and discovering how to fully embrace it in their own lives.

IYI staff positions and internships are about developing the character, biblical call, and skills necessary to fully realize God’s desire to use each of our lives. If the next step of your life’s adventure is about becoming that kind of person, then it is time to explore an IYI staff position or internship.

Become a Part of the Vision: IYI Staff

Being a part of the IYI staff is about building people with purpose. We are looking for globally minded people who have a passion for pouring themselves into others. To put it simply, people who get God’s call to reach the world and help others build the vision and skills to make it happen. IYI wants staff who are not satisfied with the norm. If you are thinking long-term global involvement and want to be a part of a new wave of “getting it done,” then you should start your journey with IYI now. Talk with us about it.

What Makes IYI Staff Different?

  • Youth Focused: We are all about youth age 12-24. Very few youth focused organizations exist outside the U.S.
  • Mentoring and Empowering Nationals: Being an IYI staff member involves developing nationals in their vision, plans, and daily ministry by providing resources from the U.S. that bring their goals to reality. Because of this, IYI staff is engaged in both worlds: in the U.S. and globally.
  • Developing the vision for U.S. Youth and Churches: Through all of IYI’s ministries, U.S. churches, youth ministries, and individuals are assisted in developing their vision and plans to reach the world as well.
  • Experienced and Successful Leadership: IYI’s leadership team has over thirty years of developing people in the character and skills it takes to “make it happen.”  Staff and interns learn the basic skills and “worldview” it takes to be true world changers for Christ.

What Types of Staff Positions Does IYI Offer?

IYI is about using and growing its staff’s passions, unique gifting, and character more than it is about filling positions.  However, some of the ongoing staff opportunities are:

  • Project Staff
  • Ministry Team Directors
  • Ministry Leaders and Trainers
  • Development & Administrative Staff
  • Partnership Development Staff

I Want to Do It!  What Do I Do Next?

  • First, talk with IYI staff about your interest.
  • Next, fill out an IYI Staff Application online.
  • Then, commit.  IYI  is looking for team members.   We will invest in you, so we need staff that are committed to the vision and values of IYI.
  • Lastly, take the step. Turn in your application and  start the process!