Impacto Youth Ministry, Los Tres Brazos & Youth Prisons

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Youth Workers: David & Josefina Tavarez

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About Where the Tavarez Work:

Los Tres Brazos:

(see on map)
  • Home countless families with domestic troubles, mothers in their early teens, and youth lost in a sea of disillusionment searching for a way out.
  • An ever-changing environment of broken trust and insecurity where genuine compassion, love, and stability seem are a remote luxury.
  • Los Tres Brazos (The Three Arms) because three branches of the Ozama River encircle it. It is one of the most deprived areas of the Dominican capital, Santo Domingo.With nowhere else to go, squatters stack their houses on the banks of the river and under bridges.

Youth Prisons:

  • Since 2006 IYI has been regularly investing in helping the most delinquent and dysfunctional youth in the Dominican Republic discover hope and transform their lives.
  • Once a place where youth only became more and more delinquent, the boys and girls youth prisons in Santo Domingo are a refuge of hope and practical life change.
  • IYI is leading the prison system in the Dominican Republic through providing practical tools, training, and resources to empower national and local leadership as they invest in youth.  These resources are practical, character-based, relationally driven, and long-term focused.
  • Additionally, IYI staff, lead by the Tavarez, hold weekly character-based programs in the prisons called “UnOchenta (One-Eighty)” that focus on helping youth live out the principles taught immediately, while planning for long-term life success.


For almost decade and a half, Josefina & David Távarez have been faithfully investing themselves in youth ages 12-18. In the past four years, working with their church, Iglesia Methodista Los Tres Brazos, they have formed a family, becoming the teachers, counselors, and parents of the youth in the community. Every Sunday afternoon they lead a youth group called “Impact” and every Saturday Impact’s informal youth night. There youth experience what it really means to live the life adventure God has for them. As David describes it, “Because it’s become something ‘crazy’ or ‘informal,’ we have been able to attract other youth from the community. Welcoming them just how they are, they easily identify with the group and form part of the group. Many are searching for love and acceptance and that’s just the environment we intentionally create.” With the end goal of Christian maturity and growth in mind, David and Josefina nurture youth from Los Tres Brazos through personal relationships and mentoring as well as an array of games, activities, movies, and creative teaching.

Apart from leading their local youth ministry as one of IYI’s model youth ministries in the Dominican Republic, they are key leaders in the development of youth ministry on a national level and lead IYI’s UnOchenta Youth Prison Program as well.  David and Josefina as youth ministry veterans are seeking to be empowered through their IYI Youth Worker Partnership to invest and multiply themselves in youth leaders around the Dominican Republic.

“Through focusing on investing in the potential leaders around us, we strive to multiply ourselves, creating leaders that can infect others and raise up others just like we are doing. We call it ‘reaching them [the youth in our ministry and community] so that they live for Jesus.’ Together with IYI, we want to infect the world.” – David Tavarez

Their IYI Youth Worker Partnership Would:

– Free Josefina to invest full-time in the support of not only their local youth ministry but also IYI’s youth worker network and the development of IYI’s model ministries.,including the UnOchenta Youth Prison Program. Josefina also would support IYI’s ministries through the care of IYI’s Youth Ministry Center in Santo Domingo where IYI hosts its Global Teams.

– Enable David to invest part-time in the lives of the students in their local youth ministry and mentor network youth workers around the Dominican Republic. David would also oversee a number of IYI projects including the IYI LEAD Youth Worker Training Institute.

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