Amistad Surf

Amistad Surf

Amistad Surf is about living the adventure. It’s about an emerging culture of young people that is forming both on and off the water that values positive character and living out their unique life adventure.

Amistad Surf began in 2005, from a plea of leadership internationally in the Dominican Republic, to assist in positively molding the next generation of young surfers.  IYI responded with its U.S. based counterparts in 2006 and the Amistad Surf Invitational was born.

The Amistad Surf Invitational in Dominican Republic is a catalyst to a way of life…it’s about spending an extended weekend together – both U.S. surfers and Dominican youth – and challenging each other both on and off the water.  Camping out together on the beach, enjoying the best of surf that Dominican has to offer, letting loose through beach game competitions, and showcasing the best of Dominican youth surfers for their ability and character are all a part what sets the Amistad Surf Invitational apart.

Fueling a Generation…

Amistad Surf is about a larger vision in influencing youth in Dominican Republic.  Together, Amistad Surf with IYI’s other programs is fueling a generation that is living out its unique life adventure through developing positive personal character.


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