IYI Youth Worker Partnerships

IYI Partnerships empower youth workers to reach the youth of their countries.

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Why are IYI Youth Worker Partnerships Vital to Reaching Youth Globally?

The population and needs of youth worldwide are multiplying while the resources to meet those needs are critically limited. Youth workers, one of the most significant resources, are underdeveloped and underfunded. IYI is empowering international youth workers to meet these needs through partnerships with U.S. individuals, youth workers, and churches. These partnerships include both financial and resource commitments.

How Partnerships Work

  1. IYI seeks effective and committed international youth workers who come to the attention of IYI staff through our involvement in various countries. Through an intentional interview process, only a few are chosen as IYI Partners and a profile is produced.
  2. IYI partners are then presented to U.S. individuals, youth workers and ministries who agree to become their partner through a monthly commitment.
  3. Choose a youth worker and commit online or via printed commitment card.
  4. Choose payment method. IYI accepts checks, automated bill payments from your bank, credit cards, and online payments. Send payment to IYI by the 15th of the month in order to ensure that your ministry partner receives their support by the 1st of the following month.
  5. Receive correspondence and updates on the youth worker you support. Get to be a part of the exciting stories of life-transformation!

Partner with a youth worker now.

Youth Worker Bill Stafferi Partners with Nestor Ortega (DR)

Beachpoint Church Partners with Nestor Ortega