International Youth Initiative is a Southern California based non-profit organization restoring lives and hope for thousands of youth and their families in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico.  While seizing the unique challenges and opportunities that youth possess, International Youth Initiative is empowering a contagious generation leading community change globally.

The Need: Empowered Youth Workers

Youth are hungry to lead their generation. They are hungry to impact their world.
But they need your investment to make it happen.

The global youth population is exploding.  It is estimated that in the next decade over half of the population in many countries will be within the ages of 12-24.  Many of these youth face violence, severe poverty, broken families, AIDS, and a lack of real hope.

Most of their character and values will be formed during these years while they are making choices that will shape their future.  But who is helping them shape their character and values?  Who is guiding them in making positive choices?

The reality is that there are very few adults prepared to guide youth to lasting safety and life direction.  Out of those individuals that are paid to work with youth, 95% are located in the U.S. working with less than 3% of the world’s youth.  Another part of the tragedy is that less than 10% of the financial, human, and organizational resources invested in many countries internationally are focused on youth while less than 5% of missions and public programs’ dollars that go out from the U.S. internationally are spent on youth.

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IYI’s Response

IYI transforms the world in which youth live.

IYI is leading the 12-24 age group globally through empowering youth workers as they invest themselves in youth.  As these youth workers are developed and trained through IYI Partnerships, they are freed long-term to work together to develop and realize plans to impact their countries. Through the development of local youth programs and IYI Strategic Projects, they are creatively transforming the DNA of the communities in which youth live.

IYI’s 4 Fold Approach:


International youth workers are prepared through teaching and mentoring that focuses on character development, theology, and youth ministry skills.


U.S. individuals, youth workers, and churches partner with international youth workers committing finances and resources so that they can become experts in impacting youth in their country.

Global Teams:

For greater overall impact, IYI brings partners together for direct impact in the lives of youth globally.

Strategic Projects:

These projects enable youth workers to change the DNA of the communities in which youth live.